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Blend-In Better With Ceramic Braces

Clear ceramic braces at Loew & Patel Orthodontics offer a subtle alternative to traditional metal braces so you can align your teeth discreetly.

Clear Paths to Straighter Smiles

Today's ceramic braces are smaller and made from nearly invisible tooth-colored polycrystalline ceramic material that seamlessly blends with your natural smile.

Ceramic brackets are a discreet path to straighter teeth when paired with clear, white, or tooth-colored wires and elastic ties.

They offer an aesthetically pleasing treatment option without the added maintenance and time commitment of clear aligners.

This choice is especially appealing if you prioritize aesthetics, whether you're an adult or a style-conscious teen in New Jersey.

While most Loew & Patel Orthodontics patients love the discreet appearance, teens and adults sometimes add colored ligature ties to give their braces a vibrant, unique look against the clear brackets.

Clear Braces

The Benefits of Clear Braces

Clear braces at Loew & Patel Orthodontics offer several benefits, such as:

Subtle Appearance

Clear braces are designed to blend in with your teeth, making them less noticeable than traditional metal braces.

This discreet quality is great if you want a more subtle look during your orthodontic journey.

Comfortable Design

Clear braces are designed for comfort.

Unlike traditional braces with metal components, they have smooth edges and are less likely to irritate your cheeks and gums.

Efficient Treatment

At Loew & Patel Orthodontics, we prioritize efficiency.

Clear braces work as effectively as other options for moderate orthodontic issues, so you can enjoy the same results you would with metal braces.

Boosted Confidence

The ultimate goal of orthodontic treatment is a confident smile, and clear braces are here to help.

As your teeth become straighter, you'll likely experience a boost in self-esteem.

Compassionate Team,
Top-Notch Care

At Loew & Patel Orthodontics, you'll get top-notch care and support throughout your orthodontic journey.

Our team is here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and ensure your experience is as smooth as possible.

Whether you're a teenager navigating the challenges of adolescence or an adult seeking discreet orthodontic treatment, clear braces at Loew & Patel Orthodontics are a practical and effective solution for getting the smile you want.

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Comparing Clear Braces & Metal Braces

Clear braces work the same way as metal braces and typically produce similar outcomes. That said, you should be aware of their differences so you can choose the option that best fits your unique needs and lifestyle.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at how clear braces stack up to metal braces:


One of the best selling points of clear braces is that the ceramic material blends in with the natural color of your teeth, making them a more attractive option if you need your treatment to go mostly unnoticed.


Metal braces are known for their durability. While ceramic braces are also resilient, they don’t withstand quite as much pressure as their metal counterparts.

As a result, clear braces require more adjustments than metal braces and may not work as well for more severe orthodontic issues.


Concerns about staining with ceramic braces have been addressed over the years. While the ceramic brackets won't stain, the adhesive used alongside them can stain, causing discoloration over time.

While avoiding staining beverages and foods like coffee, tea, and red wine can help, it's not a requirement.

Maintaining good oral hygiene will allow you to enjoy your morning coffee or evening wine without concerns.


Treatment costs depend on the materials used for your braces. Clear brackets at Loew & Patel Orthodontics may be slightly pricier than metal ones.

The good news is we offer flexible payment plans and automatic bank drafts, and we'll help maximize your insurance benefits. We aim to provide excellent value at reasonable fees.

The overall cost also includes the effort invested in placing, adjusting, and removing your braces. Installing and removing ceramic braces requires more meticulous procedures and time.

During your initial free exam at Loew & Patel Orthodontics, our treatment coordinators will discuss the costs with you, ensuring you clearly understand what to expect.

Discover the Clarity of Ceramic Braces

After your free evaluation with Dr. Loew or Dr. Patel in Flemington, Annandale, or Bridgewater, we'll create a personalized treatment plan and determine the best choice for your smile.

Schedule a free consultation at Loew & Patel Orthodontics to explore whether ceramic braces align with your needs and goals. We look forward to helping you get your dream smile.