Options for Every Smile

You and your family can find the latest braces options at Loew & Patel Orthodontics in Flemington, Annandale, or Bridgewater to meet your unique smile goals.


Wearing a retainer is the only sure way to maintain your smile after treatment.

Custom retainers at Loew & Patel Orthodontics will keep your newly aligned smile in place and prevent the shifting that can happen when your braces come off.


Retainer Insurance

Retainer insurance is your fail-safe when it comes to your smile. If you lose or damage a retainer, this small monthly fee will cover any costs that come with repairs.

Ask us about our retainer insurance program at any of your appointments — or give us a call at our Flemington, Annandale, or Bridgewater offices.

Teeth Whitening

Do you want a bright, shining smile? Teeth whitening at Loew & Patel Orthodontics can give you a radiant smile in as little as one visit!

With in-office and at-home options, it's easy to put the finishing touch on your teeth.


Soft Tissue Laser

Our soft-tissue laser makes treatment gentle and easy.

You won’t have to deal with some of the harsh instruments from previous decades, and the results will leave you smiling.