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Get a Brilliant Smile the Reliable Way

At Loew & Patel Orthodontics, you can unlock a healthier, more beautiful smile with time-tested metal braces.

For over twenty years, adults, teens, and children of all ages have been successfully straightening their smiles with reliable metal braces at our Flemington, Annandale, and Bridgewater offices.

Metal braces

Take the Proven Path to Your Best Smile

At Loew & Patel Orthodontics, metal braces give you a durable, affordable way to get the healthier, straighter smile you deserve.

And with modern metal braces, you’ll enjoy braces that are smaller and less noticeable than traditional ones.

Not only are today’s metal braces more comfortable, but they can work more quickly and effectively to close gaps, align teeth, and fix complex tooth issues than other treatments — which can mean shorter overall treatment times for you.

How Metal Braces Work

Metal braces are like an orchestra of different instruments working together to bring your smile into perfect harmony.

And with regular adjustment appointments with Dr. Loew or Dr. Patel, you can rest assured that your treatment will progress smoothly according to your very own personalized treatment plan.

Let’s take a closer look at how the different parts of metal braces work together to give you a straighter, healthier smile.


Dr. Loew or Dr. Patel will strategically glue small metal brackets to the front surface of your teeth. These brackets anchor your archwire and allow for precise control and gradual movement of your teeth.



Once they’ve placed your braces, Dr. Loew or Dr. Patel will thread an archwire through each bracket. This wire will apply gentle pressure to guide your teeth into their correct alignment over the course of your treatment.

Elastic Ties

These tiny, rubber, O-shaped rings fit around each bracket to hold your archwire in place. It's important to note that these are only used for Phase 1 treatment.

You can go with clear elastic ties for a more subtle treatment option — or you can choose from dozens of colors to match your personality, your favorite holiday, or a special occasion.

Rubber Bands

For some complex orthodontic issues, Dr. Loew or Dr. Patel may use rubber bands with your metal braces to create the additional force needed to align your jaws and improve your bite properly.


More rigid than elastic ties but similar in shape, these tiny separators go between your teeth when we need to create extra space for your braces or other appliances.

Self-Ligating vs. Traditional Braces

Discover the difference between self-ligating and traditional braces. Traditional braces use brackets and wires, while self-ligating braces boast a modern, band-free design for reduced discomfort and shorter treatment times. Your choice depends on personal preference, treatment goals, and your orthodontist's advice. At Loew & Patel Orthodontics, Dr. Loew and Dr. Patel will help you explore which option is best for you as you start your journey to a confident smile.

Unlock the Advantages of Metal Braces

With smaller brackets and lighter wires, you’ll enjoy less irritation and an overall subtler, more comfortable smile journey.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits you’ll enjoy with modern metal braces:

Budget-Friendly Solution

Not only do metal braces deliver exceptional results, but they’re also more affordable than most other treatment options — and they’ll tackle more complex issues, too.

Reliable Track Record

Metal braces boast a proven resume for:

  • Straightening crowded smiles
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Correcting bite misalignment
  • Fixing complex issues

And with modern braces at Loew & Patel Orthodontics, you’ll also enjoy a more comfortable, less conspicuous smile journey.

Customization & Personalization

Dr. Loew or Dr. Patel will personalize your treatment plan to ensure they tailor every adjustment and modification to your specific goals.

They’ll also customize your metal braces to fit your unique needs and give you the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

Start Your Journey to a Stunning Smile

Want to find out more about braces? Take the first step on your smile journey by scheduling your free consultation at our Flemington, Annandale, or Bridgewater office.

Dr. Loew, Dr. Patel, and our team of experts will discuss your goals and concerns to determine if metal braces are the best choice for your smile transformation. Then, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs and gets you to your stunning new smile.