Straighten Out Your Smile

Come to us for aligners in the Annandale, Flemington and Bridgewater, NJ area

Do you have a few misaligned teeth? If so, you could benefit from aligners. Loew and Patel Orthodontics in Annandale, NJ is happy to provide you with custom clear aligners that are practically invisible, removable and made with a 3-D printer to fit your exact needs.

Aligners are considerably more affordable than Invisalign or traditional braces, allowing you to align your teeth without breaking the bank. Make an appointment today to learn if you're a good candidate.

Find out how you can get your aligners

We make it as easy as possible to get the aligners you need. You can expect the process to look like this:

  • You'll come to us for a complimentary new patient exam
  • We'll create a treatment plan specifically for you
  • We'll offer custom interest-free payment plans
  • We'll print your new aligners and give them to you

Just like that, you'll have your own high-quality custom aligners. Schedule your complimentary new patient exam by calling us today at 908-735-7620.