2023 Scholarship Program

$500.00 Scholarship Award

The Power of a SMILE!

1. Must be a graduating senior who is applying to college.

2. Must be a current or previous patient of Loew & Patel Orthodontics or Sanford Orthodontics.

3. Must write a paper 1-2 pages in length, any genre, on "The Power of a Smile". CREATIVITY RULES!

4. Entries must be original work, accompanied by a contest cover sheet which is completed and signed by both the applicant and parent.

5. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR ESSAY! You will be disqualified if you do so, your cover sheet will identify the essay as yours. For anonymity each submission will be assigned a number and our selection committee will review each essay.

6. Submit "ALL" entries (regardless of which office you visit) by mail to our LPO Bridgewater office:

Attn: Barbara Cimino - Loew & Patel Orthodontics
1353 Prince Rodgers Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Deadline for all submissions: Monday, April 17, 2023

Additional information available at:
The winner will receive the Scholarship Award during the High School's Award Night.